"Seriously, Don't Release This" Album

Image of "Seriously, Don't Release This" Album


Debut album from Spandex Ballet includes the following tracks:

1. Introduction To Our Records

2. Freak Yout Out

3. Be A Slut

4. I'm Not Sure

5. Gringo Pt1

6. Wood Verses Evil

7. Whores

8. Gringo Pt2

9. My Boombastic Definition Of A Sex Attack

10. Ukulele Girl

11. Things You Don't See Too Much Of Nowadays

12. Spanish Phrasebook

13. There's Nothing Sexy About Faeces

14. I Am Of A Positive Frame of Mind On The Occasion That Pre-Ordained Agenda Concludes Satisfactorily

15. Gringo Pt3

16. Nicky Wire

Album comes with FREE UK postage.